The Big Little Business Bootcamp at Smart Precinct NQ will demystify business and deliver solid foundations for business growth and success.

A practical workshop course based on Jayne Arlett’s Big Little Business that will deliver tangible benefits to small businesses – enabling you to implement Big Business strategies to help your business GROW!

The ultimate small business course will be delivered by Business Growth expert, Jayne Arlett and experienced business coach Megan Colwell. The cohort is intentionally small, so you have plenty of direct access to both presenters throughout the program. 


Date: Tuesday 1st February – Tuesday 1st March 2022
Time: 9am–11:30am
Venue: Boardroom, Smart Precinct NQ, 143 Walker St (cnr Stanley St), Townsville Qld 4810
Investment: $2,500+GST



Module 1: Big Little Business on a Page – your business values, purpose and pillars of revenue streams.

Module 2: Big Business Thinking – strategic thinking skills, prioritising your time, and 3 year business planning

Module 3: Financial Detective – understanding the financials of your business, budgeting, cash flow, profit centre analysis and pricing

Module 4: I See You – identify & understand you ideal clients/customers (not necessarily the ones you have now), undertake a marketing health check, create your ideal client avatars, create a marketing action plan.

Module 5: Roles, Goals & Process – learn how to build an engaged team that helps drive your business forward and achieve its purpose, create meaningful position descriptions, systems & policies your business

See some of the learning and growth previous clients have experienced from following this program.


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